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fuck you, internet porn will save the world


I would have had these up earlier today, but work intervened.

Something I'm aware of but am too enamored of the final result (see icon!) to fix at present is the unfortunate shift in the direction the background is facing in panel 9; by the time I noticed the error, I had already blown past it and was too worried about meeting the launch date with a decent amount of strips to get as upset by that as I would have been by missing launch without a buffer.

Such are the trials of producing a webcomic - one must learn to tell one's inner perfectionist to shut the fuck up, from time to time, in service of the cause known as deadlines. I have a responsibility to the people out there reading ROCK SOCKET to get installments out in a regular fashion, regardless of errors. I apologize for them when they happen, and I don't intend for it to happen that often, but in the early stages I kind of anticipated a few clerical errors that I would have to rectify later on. This one, as it stands, is glaring but relatively minor compared to the horrors my brain expected to have unleashed upon my poor, unsuspecting webcomic.

But this is likely a problem only I will care about, so I'mma shut up now and let you enjoy the comic.


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